Hi, I’m Charlotte!

Mum of two chubby little ones and an even chubbier chocolate Labrador.

I never really thought about sleep until I had children and now it appears to be one of the most common topics of conversation I have with my friends, family and new mums I meet out and about (and that’s even before I became a Sleep Consultant!).

My Story

How I Got Started

When I had my son, I knew I would have many nights of broken sleep, but when he was 20 weeks old and was waking every 45 minutes through the night and only taking naps that lasted 20-45 minutes long, I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope. More importantly, I had no idea how I could help him get the rest he so clearly needed.

I just thought babies slept! “sleeping like a baby” right?  I didn’t realise I needed to help him unlock his sleep potential. I spent my whole maternity leave striving to get him on the perfect schedule and obsessing about his sleep routine. It wasn’t healthy and looking back I wish I hadn’t as I would have enjoyed the experience so much more. Whilst I managed to crack it and get him into a good routine and sleeping through the night, I didn’t ever relax as I was terrified it would go back to the early days torture 

When I had my daughter, I took a totally different approach. I ensured that from day one, my family all implemented positive and healthy sleep habits with her. She has been a little dream and we have a happy and well rested family lifestyle now and I am so much more relaxed and enjoying being a mum of two.


Rather than an unhealthy obsession with sleep I had with my son all those years ago, I now have a genuine passion for it.

I love helping families reach their sleep goals and save them from months of exhaustion, frustration and sleep deprived heart ache.

Let me save your family’s sleep.


"Charlotte is pragmatic, supportive and so knowledgeable. She went above and beyond to fix our sleep problems – I would recommend her in a heartbeat."

Mum of Ida, 8 months

"She is a saving sleep superhero!"

Mum of Lilly, 5 months

"I just can’t believe how quickly we saw results."

Mum of Zac, 10 months

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