“We couldn’t have wished for a better coach to guide us through our daughters sleep plan. She was fantastic!”

Mum of Aiysha, 8.5 months

“My 10 month old had never ever slept for longer than a 2 hour stint in his life time. I was petrified on how I would function when I returned to work in 2 months’ time.

We contacted Charlotte who took us through a detailed sleep plan, she was so reassuring and motivated us to start the plan the next day..

Within 4 nights, Zac was starting to sleep in 11 hour stretches at night time. We couldn’t believe it! I just wish I hadn’t waited 10months. I would highly recommend Charlotte.”

Mum of Zac, 10 months

“My 2 year old daughter has been very up and down with her sleep and we just wanted to get her back into a good routine – we had picked up some bad habits to make life easy, mainly letting her have a bottle in bed with her that she would fall asleep with.

Charlotte in a word was fantastic. She was very detailed in her approach and from the first night was such a great support (we talked on the phone through all the steps again which was a huge help). After the first few nights we had made such great progress, she now goes to sleep by herself without the bottle or tears.

I can’t speak highly enough of Charlotte, she’s so supportive and caring. If you need your child to sleep she’s your women!”

Mum of Robyn, 2 years old

Charlotte changed our lives. Every bedtime was a battle, the night wakings were not getting any better and the short naps continued. I felt I was doing everything wrong as a mother. Within 8 days of following the Saving Sleep plan, we saw dramatic improvements. Not only does my little girl sleep  well now, but my whole attitude and wellbeing has improved. I cannot thank her enough, she really did save us.

Mum of Anaiya, 7 months

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